Jacketed Ball Valves

Jacketed Ball Valves

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SERIES 15J / 30J    2 Piece Jacketed Floating Ball Valve                                                                                         #150/ #300


·        Type: Single Piece Flanged End Jacketed Ball Valve

·        Port: Full Bore

·        Size: - 15 mm to 250mm NB

·        Pressure Rating: - 

ASME #150       PN 20

ASME #300       PN 50

·        Temperature Range: - 35 Deg C to 538 Deg C

·        Body Materials: -  Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel / Alloys

·        Design Standard: - API 6D rev 23; ISO 17292 rev 2004

·        End Flanges: - ASME B16.5 2013

·        Face to Face Dimension: - ASME B16.10 Rev 2009

·        Fire safe design: API-607 Rev 2010

·        Testing: API 598 Rev 2009

·        Sour Service: NACE MOR 0175 Rev 2009

·        Documents: BS/EN 10204-3.1 REV 2004


Sankey Full Jacketed Ball valves are designed in Single-Piece Welded Jacket construction for Standard Bore valves. The jacket extends from one flange to other which is generally oversize with face to face dimension of corresponding valve. The jacket comes in two-piece construction welded together. The jackets of the valves can be rated for heat transfer media pressure up to 22 bars, In Standard design the jacket is rated at 10.3 bars. The valve can also be used in FDA / Sanitary Applications.

Jacketed ball valves to handle highly viscous materials or materials that solidify at ambient temperatures are available for use with steam or another heat transfer media.

Also available in #600 to #1500 pressure rating  (Custom valve)


Valve Application: Filter dryer / vacuum dryer / Stirrer vessel / Reactor / Other vessel

Areas of application: Chemical/ Pharmaceutical/ Food /Cosmetics

Media: Bitumen Application /Fluids /Emulsion/ Syrup / Paint / Food Product (Chocolate etc.) /Granulate material /Molten Sulphur